Issue 12 (86)
Dialogue and Сonfrontation between the West and Russia. History and Modern Times
Volume: 10
Publication date: 31.12.2019
1000 RUB / 10.0 SU


The interaction between Western countries and Russia remains an extraordinary relevance theme. The need for its study is determined not only by academic interest, but also by political topicality. Economic, diplomatic, cultural relations of various states with our country united nations, served as the basis for their mutual understanding despite differences in the state, social, and religious structure.

Meanwhile, the interaction of Western states and Russia was not always in the form of a friendly dialogue, and more often they opposed each other. What was the basis of the confrontation between the West and Russia: the ambitions of politicians, elements of misunderstanding, failures of diplomacy or historically determined factors? What do civilization, religious, cultural, mental, social, economic and other factors “work for”: for confrontation or compromise? What role have individuals played in interstate confrontation? The authors of this issue tried to answer these and many other questions.

Issue publications 12 (86)
Interaction between Western Europe and Russia: from the Middle Ages to the Modern Times
America and Russia: the Main Milestones of Cooperation and Confrontation (19th — 21st Centuries)
Regional and Global Conflicts of the West and Russia in the Past and Present
The Role of Diplomacy and Diplomats in International Relations
Mutual Perception of Western and Russian Cultures: Stereotypes, Influence, Rejection