Issue 4 (78)
Social and Visual in History
Volume: 10
Publication date: 17.06.2019
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This issue of the journal presents the diversity of issues and research approaches of contemporary social history.

A separate block consists of studies on the history of labour and the peculiarities of ideas about labour in different historical epochs (Yu.E. Arnautova, L.I. Borodkin, E.I. Safonova, I.A. Gordeeva, E.N. Kirillova, I.Yu. Novichenko). New issues in line with the classical problems of the urban history and urban everyday life are considered by V.S. Lenskaya, E.A. Besedina, T.V. Burkova, O.I. Togoyeva. The history of social conflicts and transformations, formation of public opinion are presented in the works of S.A. Vasilyeva, M.V. Vinokurova, M.S. Petrova, F.V. Petrov, G.A. Shatokhina-Mordvintseva.

Diverse contemporary approaches to the study of social structure, social cohesion and social conflicts, and approaches to the study of identity, processes of its formation and development, to the study of features of perception and understanding of the diverse historical realities are considered by I.I. Variash, I.A. Krasnova, A.S. Lyscova, M.A., Smagar, K.V. Smirnova, S.K. Tsaturova, T.G. Hrishkevich, S.M. Shukurov.

The articles of the issue are devoted to various historical forms of visualization, embodied in their historically determined types: coats of arms, seals, coats of arms, pictorial slogans, coins and so on. Article of А.P. Tchernik considers the example of manifestations of heraldry ignoble in the visual space of a European city in the 15 – 16th centuries. K.A. Elokhin analyzes Spanish royal personal and ancestral badges and their role in political and dynastic propaganda on coins of the 16 century. The problem of heraldic terminology and early forms of blazon is the study of D.S. Staroskolskaya. E.V. Pchelov turned to the Russian noble coat of arms belonging to scientists and other scientists of the 18th – early 20th century. The process of destruction of traditional visual-cultural relations in the urban social and communication culture became the subject of attention Evstafiev D.G. and Tsyganova L.A. D.V. Baiduzh turned to the history of studying the emblems of the German Order. Historical heraldry in its earliest manifestations is the topic of the article by I.A. Popova, who reviewed a series of stamped miniatures of the Codex Manesse of the 14th century. The articles reflect a part of a very wide spectrum of modern research directions in the field of studying historical links of the visual and social.

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