Issue 7 (71)
Revolutionary Waves and Transformation of the World in the 20th Century
Volume: 9
Publication date: 31.08.2018
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It is believed that the 20th century ends the era that began in the Modern period. It was a period of triumph and at the same time defeat of its ideals — in politics, social life, science, art. There were radical experiments on the reorganization of the world, which combined extreme opposites. They are fully reflected in the phenomenon of revolutions, which has a multidimensional structure. The 20th century is a time of revolutions in social life, science and technology, in art at the same time. The articles of this issue analyze the revolutionary waves of the twentieth century, identifies their driving forces, the consequences of revolutionary transformations both for certain countries and regions and for the whole world.

Issue publications 7 (71)
Revolutionary Transformations of Contemporary Times: Problems of Historiography and Methodology
Revolutionary Changes at the End of the World War II and in the Interwar Period
Revolutionary Discourse in Social and Political Life after World War II
Soviet Union and World: the Way of the Incarnation of Revolutionary Ideas
Scholary Life