Issue e5
Russia — Bashkortostan: Common Historical Destiny
Publication date: 28.12.2015
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The textbook is a result of accomplishment of the Innovation educational complex “The History of Russia through the History of its Regions” and intended for high school students.

History and culture are important factors of socialization; they form ideological culture, ethical guidelines and values, civic education and patriotism. Performing the function of social memory history and culture are also the factors which satisfy social and cultural needs of a person.

Studying the history of the region as an integral part of the history of the country will give you, the high school students, the opportunity of realizing yourselves as citizens of this great country — Russia, representatives of ethnic and religious groups, inhabiting Russia and your region, your family, settlement, city, town, district and republic.

While selecting the contents for this textbook the authors were guided by the following principals:

  • the integral inclusion of the materials in the basic course of national history;
  • the typicality of the chosen material, i.e. the processes common for Russia as a whole are shown through the regional history;
  • the regional and local specificity of components, i.e. the textbook shows the peculiarities of the historical development of the region;
  • the integrity in the study of culture: the history and culture of the region form a single indivisible whole;
  • cultural diversity and unity: the more complicated and varied the ethnic composition of society is the more multidimensional and asymmetric the culture is, the more chances it has for survival, the more viable it is;
  • the anthropological principle: the study of personalities, the history of some specific people (countrymen and fellow citizens) form the basis of the course of regional history;
  • the dialogue of cultures: the course of regional history gives the opportunity to turn to the problems of international and intercultural dialogue;
  • from what is near to what is far: from the history of your family to the history of your village, settlement, town or city, to the history of your Republic of Bashkortostan, to the history of larger regions (the Volga-Urals), to the history of Russia and the world history.

The contents of the textbook cover the period from the ancient times to contemporary history. The materials included in the textbook are organized into sections, chapters and paragraphs according to the conventional division of National History into periods. Each paragraph begins with a key-question which helps to understand the main problem of the paragraph. The text of the author is complemented by fragments from original historical sources and works of prominent scholars included both into the text of the paragraphs and given with tasks after a paragraph. The paragraphs also include various illustrations: portraits, reproductions of famous painters’ pictures, engravings, maps which are an independent source of knowledge. The paragraphs are complemented by various cognitive tasks aimed at search work.

editing by: E. Filippova, B. Yablokov

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