Issue 4 (27)
Scientists, knowledge and authority in colonial and continental empires
Volume: 5
Publication date: 06.09.2014
800 RUB / 10.0 SU


This volume spotlights imperial past of Russia and Europe through history of science and knowledge. Hereafter the notion “knowledge” is thought in the widest sense. It implies as sciences, scientific information, technologies, projects, concepts and ideas related to multiple spheres of life, so methods and models of governance and rule. For a long time research in imperial studies was focused only on political aspects, especially on issues of center — periphery interaction, the machinery of government and elites’ building, interimperial rivalry, imperial ideologies. However studies of knowledge and scientific institutions in history of empires were represented poorly in Russian historiography.

Articles presented in this volume cover various research tasks: analyzing relations of imperial authorities and local communities; studying civilization mission and its evolution; tracing the interconnections of the imperial idea and colonial cultures; uncovering various characteristics of the representation of the empire image in the popular consciousness and culture; theories and practices of imperial law and education.

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