Britain and Russia: intercultural dialogue


Issue "Britain and Russia: intercultural dialogue ", edited by Aizenshtat and Labutin prepared by the Association of British Studies. It presents articles covering a wide range of Russian-British cultural, social and economic contacts with the Middle Ages to the present day. Also it gives a representation of Russians about England and the English, the individual problems of studying the history of Britain. The issue will be interesting both for specialists - historians, teachers, high school students, and everyone who is interested in history. 

Russia and Britain: Cultural Interactions in the 20th Century


New issue of “Istoriya: Journal of Education and Science” № 10 (43) “Russia and Britain: Cultural Interactions in the 20th Century” ed. by Mikhail Lipkin is published. Please note that the access to this issue is open and does not require registration

The issue is based on papers presented at the scholarly colloquium organized by the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the British Academy and the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies as a part of the UK—Russia Year of Culture 2014 (colloquium was held in the building of the British Academy in London on November 6—7, 2014).

Historical Information Science: New Methods and Techniques of Historical Research


The mankind has entered the “digital age” in the 21st century. Information and communications technology (ICT) is now inclusive into all aspects of society activities, in all sectors of economy. ICT plays a special role in the development of research and education. This process also touched upon the historical research and education as well as preservation and study of historical and cultural heritage.

This issue of the journal is aimed to discussion of problems, prospects and results of the interdisciplinary research area associated with the use of digital technology and computer methods in historical research. This area is traditionally called in Russia “istoricheskaya informatika”, that was called internationally Historical Computing (or Historical Information Science) for a quarter of a century, and in recent years in the context of digital turn is associated mainly with Digital History (regarded as part of a wider multidisciplinary area of Digital Humanities).

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Elite and elitist practices in the processes of formation and development of medieval European states


Published Issue number 11 (34) of electronic scientific and educational journal "Istorya", "elite and elitist practices in the processes of formation and development of medieval European states"