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Feliks Levin
Ph.D. in History
4 Publications
99 Subscriptions
Yaroslav Levin
2 Publications
68 Subscriptions
Svetlana Levoshko
Ph.D. in Architecture
1 Publications
44 Subscriptions
Ekaterina Leybova
Ph.D. in Pedagogy
16 Publications
498 Subscriptions
Alexander Libin
Ph.D. in Differential Psychology
1 Publications
12 Subscriptions
Elena Libina
Ph.D. in Personality Psychology
1 Publications
10 Subscriptions
Irina Lidzieva
Professor of History
1 Publications
92 Subscriptions
Dominic Lieven
Professor of History. Fellow of British Academy of Sciences
1 Publications
17 Subscriptions
Nadezhda Lifanova
Legal Counsel, Master of Laws
1 Publications
25 Subscriptions
Polina Likhacheva
1 Publications
12 Subscriptions