Plan of Journals’ Thematic Issues


  • Vol. 12. Issue 1. British Studies in Russia: Traditions and Innovations
  • Vol. 12. Issue 2. Charity, Social and Humanitarian Projects in the Russian Empire
  • Vol. 12. Issue 3. “Left Alternative” in the 20th Century
  • Culture – Science – Education: Problems and Challenges
  • The Eastern Christian World in the Middle Ages and Modern Times
  • Macro-System of Empires: Transfer of Ideas, Practices, and Institutions in the 19th – 20th centuries
  • The Mediterranean, the European North and the Baltic Sea Region: Big Strategies and Small States
  • Cognitive Sciences and Historical Cognition
  • The Territory of Law, the Diversity of the City and the Problems of Historical Urbanism
  • From Empire to Empire: the History of Crimea in Ancient, Middle Ages and Modern Times
  • New History of the 20th Century
  • Russia and the North Caucasus: Current Problems of Common History


  • Publicity as a Factor in the Development of the Western European Statehood
  • Border Regions of Russia in Critical Historical Epochs
  • States and Religious Organizations: Strategies of iInteraction in the History of the 20th century
  • Problems of the History of Africa and Russian-African Relations
  • European Science in the 18th Century: Institutions, Concepts, Actors
  • Personality – Society – Culture
  • Russia between the West and the East: a Dialogue of Cultures in Historical Retrospect || People and Fates of the Russian Abroad
  • Text Culture: a Book, a Map, a Document || Heraldry: New Views on the Old Problems
  • Russia and the Global World: Ideas and Answers to the Historical Challenges of the 18th — 21st Centuries || Science, Knowledge and Social Ideas in the Rhythms of Historical Transformations of the 19th — 20th Centuries
  • Translations un a Historian's Work || The Historical Heritage of the Middle Ages and the Horizons of the European Civilization: Western Europe, Byzantium, the East
  • History of the Commonwealth of Independent States || Russia and Iberoamerica: History, Diplomacy, Culture
  • History: Integration of Science and Education