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History: Journal of Education and Science - the periodical online publication that brings together the professional community of historians engaged in fundamental research and the preparation of edicational materials. High scientific level of work on the review and preparation of the materials published in the journal, provided by the leading research center in the World history - the Institute of World History and the State Academic University for Humanities. The target audience of the magazine are not only professional historians, but also a history teacher, students, pupils and other people interested in the study of history on the basis of source and fundamental historiographical research.

«History» is publishing on web-platform since 2009. The journal has registered as on-line media according to all international rules. Every year the journal publish 4  periodical issues, and also there are some additional issues according to different historical researches.

Electronic Journal is mainly spread via the Internet at: In the year produced more than 4 issues, most of which are dynamic in nature, allowing you to add new publications on the issue and update the already published articles. 

The journal is included in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS) since 2015.

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Electronic Scientific and Educational Journal «Istoriya»
This is a unique periodical network edition , which collected scientific articles and educational materials on the history of domestic and foreign researchers. "History: Journal of Education and Science" ensures a high scientific level of the offered materials.


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